5i Open Platform

The so-called 5i include The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Building Information Modeling (BIM), Intelligent Surveillance System (IVS) and Smart Green Building Management System iBMS。BIM is used throughout the entire life cycle of the building, from the feasibility assessment of building subject matter, conceptual and preliminary design (BD), detailed design (DD), construction, commissioning to operation and maintenance. Through the 5i element, the entire life cycle management of the building is fully integrated onto the open platform, so that the building can be safer, healthier, more comfortable, smarter and more sustainable.

The Internet-based BIM technology breaks the concept of space and time of project management, and establishes a large-scale collaborative platform for many project participants and a collaborative work platform between various departments within the enterprise. Different participants use the authorization mechanism to determine the extent to which they can obtain information, and all parties involved in the project can use the same timely and accurate information data to coordinate and manage their work anytime, anywhere, based on the same model. For the internal management of the enterprise, people in different positions can obtain different information in the same model for decision-making support of the post, each taking what is needed, and the headquarters can grasp the information of the special case department in detail, and the group control has a best way of management.

Due to security, latency, and other considerations, IoT business models will become increasingly apparent, while its financial value will be realized in edge and local deployments. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) at the edge will be optimized for areas such as manufacturing, public safety, supply chain, and logistics; The business proposition for IoT solutions will become clear, and they will reap the rewarding value from efficiency gains

IVS intelligent video surveillance system in the storage of the camera images/pictures at the same time, the system will synchronously analyze of the image content, when the picture appears abnormal, such as someone left the unknown objects, beyond the virtual cordon, strange human behaviors... after the  situation is last for some period of time, the system automatically issues a warning message based on the pre-defined scenarios, so that the on-duty personnel can grasp the site situation at the first time of the problem and quickly eliminate the problem event.