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​​TCIT - TC Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd


​Brand story  - (Chinese only)

茶 。上有青草,下有綠樹。人愉悅生活於其中。



​Company vision

Through Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, the digital transformation of traditional buildings into technological buildings is realized, and the concept of digital twin and building life management (BLM) is realized.

BIM Based 5i Intelligent Integration Platform

5i includes IoT, AI, BIM, IVS and iBMS。
The “
IoT” technology is used to collect various sensors and signals required for smart buildings or factories, meanwhile, the building is 3D modeled with geometric and non-geometric information inserted by the “BIM Technology”, and the “IVS ” is applied to change the passive monitoring to proactive alarm reporting, and then “AI technology” is implemented to automatically calculate and analyze for optimizing operation mode and for predictive maintenance。SI technology then integrates the "iBMS" to build a 5i intelligent integration platform that can achieve healthy, energy-saving, comfortable, efficient and low-cost operation and maintenance of buildings/factories.

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iBMS (Intelligent Building Management System)

​      ​ TCIT has successfully developed a solution that allows users to interact with the building’s facilities through BIM technology and IoT, the running status and real-time data of the equipment are presented on a 3D BIM model and with IVS intelligent monitoring have  changed the passive monitoring to proactive detection, so that OM personnel can respond immediately the trigger events, therefore, timely action will reduce injuries and disasters. The platform also presents history curves, trend charts, and event logs of triggered events. In addition to roaming and virtual reality VR functions, the location and information of the MEP and equipment can also be seen at a glance.


物聯網 IoT (Internet of Things)


Internet of Things application areas

IoT Technology – LoRa (Long Range) / NB-IoT (Narrow Band)

IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance)


360-degree camera IVS octa-split
IIVS – Face, License Plate Recognition, Intrusion, Line Crossing, Fire Smoke, Behavior, Leave, Stay, Loitering


AI (Artificial Intelligence)



PHM (Prediction Diagnosis)

Upload data to the cloud



No need to annotate abnormal data

Model rapid training and deployment

Equipment fault detection and degradation prediction

Online AI model optimization

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