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APS (Forge) Success Story

TC Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. BIM-powered digital twins optimize facility management and operations

AEC Construction

BIM + FM visual operation and maintenance platform

Utilize Autodesk APS (formerly Forge) service, the BIM Revit 3D model to be lightweighted. Then downloaded the lightweighted 3D BIM model onto the platform and integrated with the iBMS intelligent building management system (BA) via APS APIs to present the intuitive and friendly operation of buildings, equipment and pipelines with dynamic 3D visualization, shorten the processing time of equipment failure or accident alarms, reduce the impact on the daily operation of buildings, make operation and maintenance more efficient. Realize using BIM model for achieving the management of complete building life cycle. (BLM: Building Life Management).

  • In addition to providing the interaction between the object in the 2D plane drawing and the 3D spatial location, the 3D model rotation, translation, zoom, X, Y, and Z sections, and the object measurement length, angle, area, etc. It also provides many functions such as environmental control, intelligent video surveillance and real-time images, smart parking, public safety and disaster prevention guidance, navigation, drawing specification query, etc., and can take screenshots and alarm pushes to the LINE group for collaborative operation.

  • The platform can import multiple BIM Revit 3D (civil, structural, MEP) models, which is suitable for applications such as parks, hospitals, asset management companies, architectural firms, design institutes, etc., that need to design, operate and maintain building group management.

  • The traditional BA SCADA graphic control of the major electromechanical systems is integrated, therefore the 2D operation adds the 3D spatial position display of the equipment, and the original equipment information built in the BIM such as (COBie parameters), equipment specifications, and drawing files are integrated in the same operation screen. The platform has integrated CCTV/IVS (intelligent surveillance), occupied seat parking management system, electricity, air conditioning, water supply & drainage, fire protection and weak electricity subsystems, as well as energy management (including smart electricity, water meters, solar energy, etc.), work orders and inspection service functions.

3D BIM + FM Functional Tree

For reference only. Tailor maded based on requirements.

3D BIM + FM 平台功能說明(英文)_edited.png

3D BIM + FM - Functions Demo

2D & 3D Mapping

Real time Data Display

3D Platform Electricity & HVAC

Intelligent Video Surveillance & Event Log

License Plate Recognition & Occupied Seat Parking 

Alarm Interlocking, BA, Notification

3D BIM + FM Real Cased - Our references

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ShinKong Hospital, Taiwan

Public Housing Residence, Taiwan


Delta CL5 Factory, Taiwan


17 Kallang Junction Office, Singapore

Public Service Center, China

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